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Helps you meet your ecommerce goals by category
Provides recommended actions to drive growth
Finds risks and opportunities in the market
Provides predictive views into revenue performance
“How do I reduce sales leakage from out of stock and unavailable SKUs on Amazon?”
“Amazon is too SKU intensive and things change too quickly for me to keep up in real-time.”
“How do I ensure consumers find my products among millions of SKUs?”
“How do I stay on top of what my competitors are doing and outmaneuver them?”
How CommerceIQ™ Works
CommerceIQ collects billions of ecommerce data signals across hundreds of retail sites
CommerceIQ processes data into automated insights across your categories and customers
CommerceIQ detects growth opportunities and risks to your sales performance through proven strategies
CommerceIQ delivers prioritized, timely recommendations that your team can act on
Getting Started with COMMERCEIQ
  • Increase your market share
  • Outmaneuver the competition
  • Minimize revenue leakage
  • Maximize your share of search
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  • Calculate your ads' halo effect
  • Maximize your return on ad spend
  • Automate your ad management
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  • Never go out of stock
  • Minimize shipping cost and returns
  • Identify trends in ratings/reviews
  • See how sales trends impact inventory projections
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Boomerang’s machine-driven recommendations ensure you never miss a risk or opportunity
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  • Maximize your share of search for important keywords
  • Identify trending keywords dominating consumer searches
  • Monitor changes to share of search
  • Optimize content for maximizing conversion
  • Understand the impact of content changes
  • Audit your content for compliance
  • Predict future stock outs
  • Identify and take advantage of competitor out of stock
  • Prevent chargebacks
  • Predict regional/localized inventory at FC locations
Sales and Market Share
  • Estimate market share by channel and category
  • Identify reasons for loss/gain in market share
  • Identify true ROI and halo effect of promotions
  • Pinpoint competitor promotions and their impact on your market share
Product Advertisements
  • Optimize search ads to maximize product discoverability
  • Maximize ad spend ROI
  • Drive organic share of search using paid media
  • Predict CRaP (Can’t Realize Any Profit) issues
  • Understand price war dynamics
  • Identify channels/3P sellers driving price compression
  • Track first mover retailers that break MAP
Financial Performance
  • Identify potential revenue or margin risks and take pre-emptive action
Team Collaboration
  • Provide tools to help your team resolve issues quickly and communicate decisions across teams
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