Big brands like Kimberly-Clark, Kellogg's, and Nestlé are tapping into this machine-learning startup to help them crack Amazon

Feb 14 2019
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos at the Economic Club of Washington DC's "Milestone Celebration Dinner." REUTERS/Joshua Roberts

Amazon’s Maniacal Focus on Customer Service Will Continue to Pressure Brands

Pradeep Subbarayan
on Feb 13 2019
The customer experience powers Amazon's "flywheel" growth machine. But this means brands feel intense pressure to provide Amazon with lower wholesale prices, drive high sales velocity relative to competitors, supply ample inventory at all times, and win superior product reviews. How do you adapt?

Amazon Advertising - ACoS is Not Enough

Himanshu Jain
on Jan 31 2019
When advertising on Amazon, how does optimizing on ACoS drive growth or market share? It doesn't. Everything is interconnected on Amazon. You can’t just look at advertising metrics in isolation to make decisions. You need to get a holistic picture of your sales operations, advertising, supply chain, share of voice and competitor metrics.

Automating The Detection and Recapture of Lost Buy Boxes

Pradeep Subbarayan
on Dec 10 2018
Our studies have shown that revenue leakage from losing the Buy Box to unauthorized 3P sellers can result in a loss of up to 1-2% of total Amazon revenues. Add in the potential reputational damage caused by losing the Buy Box to gray market or even counterfeit or stolen goods, and it is clearly a high priority issue to address.

Do You Know CRaP?

Pradeep Subbarayan
on Dec 07 2018
CRaP -- that insidious situation where Amazon Can’t Realize a Profit on your ASIN -- can easily lead to your product being suppressed in search results or shown as unavailable; Amazon may even stop ordering the product, even with an unfilled PO, meaning you are not generating revenue from it.

You Can’t Sell What You Don’t Have: The Importance of Avoiding Out-of-Stock and Product Unavailable Situations

Pradeep Subbarayan
on Dec 03 2018
One of the most common -- and costly -- problems our customers have on Amazon is going out of stock or having products made unavailable, even if there is inventory on hand. We have found that these two issues alone can cost you between 3.5% and 7% of your Amazon revenue -- in other words, a big deal!

Amazon Insights from Kate’s Corner: Inventory Encumbrance

Kate Neal
on Nov 29 2018
If there is one thing that anyone who works with or sells on Amazon knows, it’s that the landscape is vast and ever changing. Amazon is constantly creating new ways to put their customer first and to enhance the customer experience of finding and buying goods online. The same is true on the technical back-end for technology providers like Boomerang Commerce.

How Kellogg’s Uses Automation to Prevent Revenue Losses to Unauthorized 3P Variants

Pradeep Subbarayan
on Nov 28 2018
"Once we had CommerceIQ in place, we quickly realized that we had a very big opportunity around 3P variants.”

Top Five Things for Brands To Win on Amazon During The Cyber Five

Pradeep Subbarayan
on Nov 21 2018
We know that the last thing the world needs is yet another rumination on the e-commerce implications of the stretch of days from Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday, replete with statistics and predictions and insights into the deeper cultural meaning of the changing nature of consumer spending. So this isn’t that.

Automation Is The Future of E-commerce. Kellogg’s Is Helping Lead The Way

Pradeep Subbarayan
on Nov 16 2018
Insights on what it takes for CPGs to succeed on Amazon from November 14th’s CPGmatters Virtual LEAD conference featuring Andrew Freeman, Global Director, E-commerce Capability at Kellogg’s

CommerceIQ: Your Autopilot & Cockpit for E-commerce Growth

Prasun Kumar
on Oct 03 2018
Selling on Amazon requires consumer brands to make several important decisions on a daily basis. A few wrong moves (or non-moves) could incur loss of sales & market share. In order for brands to thrive and succeed, they need end-to-end growth automation technology that can serve as their active, trusted co-pilot towards success on Amazon.

The Amazon Effect: Why Contribution Margin Will Determine Winners vs. Losers in Modern Commerce

Guru Hariharan
on Sep 20 2018
A summary of the insights shared by Guru Hariharan, CEO of Boomerang Commerce, and Ken Bausch, VP of, E-commerce & Digital Marketing at Welspun USA at their IRCE session earlier this year, “The Real Metric Driving Profitability: Contribution Margin Analysis”.

The Five Levels of Automation

Gary Liu
on Sep 12 2018
When we talk to our consumer brands customers, we find it useful to explain that not all automation is the same. We’ve built a framework that breaks down the different levels of automation in order to help our customers evaluate where they are on their journey towards effectively and efficiently selling on automated “black box” retail platforms like Amazon. Because, in reality, success in today’s modern commerce environment (and certainly the future) will not be gained by throwing more people at the problem, but rather requires automation as the only way to profitably compete and win. Learn more about the 5 levels of automation that brands must master to win on Amazon and e-commerce in general.

Best Practices for Retailer Shopper Marketing

Pradeep Subbarayan
on Sep 05 2018
Boomerang POV on best practices for retailer shopper marketing and slotting for search

Decoding the Amazon Black Box

Gary Liu
on Aug 02 2018
Why and how consumer goods companies and brands need to urgently decode the "Amazon Black Box" to minimize revenue leakage and maximize opportunities to grow market share.

Real-Time Commerce: Why Real-Time Information & Actionable Insights Matter For Brands Selling On Amazon

Gary Liu
on Jul 10 2018
In online retail, brands today are overloaded with information, underserved by legacy, manual retail processes unfit for Amazon, and immersed in an ever-changing battlefront where algorithms are tuned to serve consumers and maximize Amazon’s profits. Read more to learn how they need to evolve to Real-Time Commerce.

You Won’t Find These Big Brands on Amazon And This Is Why

Guillaume 'G' Vives
on Mar 20 2018
National brand manufacturers need technology to profitably sell and compete on technology platforms like Amazon.

Dinner With Algorithms: Why Brands Need a New Tech Platform to Compete in the Amazon Era

Guru Hariharan
on Mar 15 2018
A massive shift in the retail industry — driven by rapid online growth and consolidation — means everything has changed for Consumer Goods and Brand Leaders including Logistics, Marketing, Sales, and Trade Dollar spend. This requires a new operating systems for Brands’ success In Omni-Retail...introducing CommerceIQ!

Winning on Amazon: Know What Your Competitors are Doing

Surya Agrawal
on Mar 07 2018
As Amazon becomes more of a strategic play for consumer brands, none of the old methods of doing business apply. Based on our experience of working with some of the top brands now on Amazon, here are some learnings.

Want to Win on Rapidly Evolving E-commerce Platforms? Learn to Do Data-Driven Prioritization Every Day.

Surya Agrawal
on Feb 21 2018
For large legacy brands and manufacturers, being a vendor on e-commerce platforms is like being Alice in Wonderland. Everything is very different from how things operated in the brick-and-mortar environment. Brands need a new business operating system to succeed in this fast-moving world.

AI First In Retail

Guru Hariharan
on Feb 28 2017
At Boomerang, we believe in building a culture of innovation and continuously innovating — with and for our customers and other retailers and brands — to modernize commerce and the consumer experience. I often get asked what drives our passion of “innovate or die” to help the retail industry. With our customers in mind, in today’s era, retailers must “grow fast or die slow”. Those retailers that have embraced our technology to grow are thriving while others struggle. Partnering with and seeing our customers succeed is what drives us every day.

Less Gut, More Analytics and Data Science for Merchants

Rahul Shrivastava
on Feb 04 2017
Merchandising is the engine driving most retail businesses. Merchants are directly responsible for the performance of their product categories and collectively steer the business towards growth opportunities while they watch and combat competition. These “Merchant Princes” [and “Princesses], as the Wall Street Journal calls them, are overwhelmed and need help from analytics.

Drive Margins and Market Share through Price Testing

Abhijeet Sathe
on Jan 17 2017
US Retail is an apparel retailer that sells products both online and in stores. US Retail wanted to increase its margin dollars by increasing prices on select products. It hypothesized that the loss of customers due to higher prices would be offset by the revenue from the higher prices, leading to incremental gains in revenue and margin. US Retail wanted to improve competitiveness and margins through Price Testing.

Has Everyday Low Prices’ (EDLP) Day Come and Gone?

Balaji Kuppuswamy
on Jan 08 2017
From opening its first store in 1962, Walmart has banked on the strategy of Everyday Low Prices (EDLP) –a guarantee to the consumer of a stable low price on every product they buy. Many other retailers have adopted the same pricing strategy to attract customers with the idea that Sam Walton created.

Has Everyday Low Prices’ (EDLP) Day Come and Gone?

Balaji Kuppuswamy
on Jan 08 2017
From opening its first store in 1962, Walmart has banked on the strategy of Everyday Low Prices (EDLP) –a guarantee to the consumer of a stable low price on every product they buy. Many other retailers have adopted the same pricing strategy to attract customers with the idea that Sam Walton created.

Obtaining and Leveraging Off Assortment Optimization

Michelle Ai
on Dec 17 2016
Assortment maintenance and management in an online e-commerce context faces a different set of challenges when compared to the traditional brick and mortar world. E-commerce retailers are not limited by space -- adding a new product does not mean you have to remove another. With the availability of vast amounts of consumer and competitor data, online retailers have more opportunities to differentiate themselves and compete effectively through optimizing their investments within their business.