Utilize price across the entire product lifecycle to drive sales and improve margins.
Your own digital merchant assistant
Don’t waste time analyzing reports, or creating complex forecasts. Your digital merchant assistant will do that for you and surface risks before they turn into problems, with suggestions on how to beat the plan.
Make smarter decisions with market-based forecasts
Leverage not just internal performance data, but market and competitive information to forecast future performance. This allows for higher accuracy and more visibility into future performance.
Utilize recommendations based on the customer’s journey
All of your sales channels - online, in store, mobile - are factored into pricing recommendations. Using the lens of the customer to come up with prices that will win in today’s unified sales environment.
Get a free merchandising opportunity assessment
We’ll provide you with a thorough, data-driven assessment of growth opportunities across your business. Our analysis includes competitive benchmarking, operational benchmarking, and identification of profitable growth opportunities.

This analysis would normally cost over $250,000 from a consulting firm, but we provide this analysis for free to showcase the power of our technology platform.
Get a custom assessment
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We interview key stakeholders and
analysts across your organization
We review your catalog, cost
and performance data
Within 4 weeks, we deliver an executive
ready presentation
key growth opportunities