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Why Join Boomerang?
Performance Focus
As an organization we’re constantly striving for excellence and we’re focused on rewarding people that drive results. No politics. No bullshit.
Work With The Best
We aim to raise the bar with each hire we make. As a result our team can come into work and experience excellence from their peers.
Opportunity And Ownership
We treat everyone in the company like the CEO of their function and create opportunities for them to learn, to make mistakes, and to grow. By doing this, we ensure that everyone in the organization is continually empowered and growing.
Employee Investment
We treat every team member like a long term investment. We make sure our teams are nurtured with feedback and the right opportunties to help them grow with the company.
Working at a company like Boomerang means that you can have a very real impact within an industry that's increasingly embracing technology solutions. But not only that, my day-to-day work with our broader team directly shapes the growth of our company.


We are working at the intersection of e-commerce and big data analytics. All of these are really fast growing areas and two years down the line you would be an expert.

Business Development

I love working with data and Boomerang allows me to work with a massive amount of data, that I can leverage into a better product for our customers. I really get a sense of accomplishment knowing the products I've built help retailers to thrive in the market.

Data Science

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Chicago is home to our global customer success office.
Mountain View is our global headquarters
and home to our executive, sales, and marketing teams.
Bangalore is our product development and innovation center.
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