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Driving eCommerce Success
“At Campbell, we are setting the pace to meet the consumer wherever they are – online or in traditional retail locations. Through Boomerang’s CommerceIQ, we can automate real-time actions rooted in consumer data and insights so a brand like Pepperidge Farm Goldfish can remain the number one cracker on Amazon.com.”
Veeral Shah, Vice President & General Manager, e-Commerce Business Team, Campbell Soup Company
What is CommerceIQ?
CommerceIQ helps consumer brands grow sustainably on Amazon.
For Sales
Grow sustainably through daily, prescriptive actions to drive more traffic and maximize conversion.
For Marketing
Maximize your return on ad spend and automate your AMS ad buying.
For Operations
Stay on top of your inventory and supply through predictive insights to ensure you never go out of stock.
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“Making data-driven decisions through platforms such as Boomerang's CommerceIQ helps us drive our e-Commerce agenda forward”
– Amrit Patil, VP Customer Development, Kimberly-Clark
How Boomerang CommerceIQ™️ Works
CommerceIQ collects billions of ecommerce signals from around the globe relevant to your business
CommerceIQ turns billions of data signals into role-based dashboards and reports on your online business
Our anomaly detection sifts through our insights to find actionable areas of your business
Utilizing machine learning, CommerceIQ recommends actions based on proven strategies and your business goals
CommerceIQ takes recommended actions automatically and surfaces others to your team
CommerceIQ measures the performance of actions taken to continuously learn and improve future recommendations and performance.

CommerceIQ collects billions of ecommerce signals from around the globe relevant to your business

Driven over 3 billion commerce decisions
Over twenty billion in revenue transacted
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