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Boomerang brings revenue, margin and price perception lift to Enterprise retailers. Our customers execute sophisticated pricing and assortment strategies based on competitive and internal data through our SaaS based solution.



  • Take Action

    We apply machine learning and big data analytics to massive data quantities, derive superior insights and provide actionable recommendations.

  • Real-Time

    Design, analyze, test and optimize hundreds of strategies in real-time. Be on top of your customers ever-changing needs and ahead of your competition.

  • True Omni-Channel

    Compete proactively and grow profitably across all channels --from store to all digital channels. Make all decisions from a single platform.

  • Transparency

    We are not a black box. Understand the precise logic and rationale behind each recommendation or automated decision.

  • Scale

    Manage millions of SKUs and make all pricing and assortment decisions at scale.

  • Accomplished Retailers and Scientists

    Boomerang's team joins omnichannel and ex-Amazon executives with PhD brilliance in optimization, machine learning, and data science to create new futures for retailers.

“We leveraged Boomerang Commerce to make sure that we are price competitive in the market. Their platform makes it really easy to engage and understand the insights that come from the data.”

Peter Scala, SVP Merchandising, Staples

"Historically, retail pricing was a rudimentary cost-plus model. The fact Boomerang is looking at price elasticity of demand, these are new concepts in retail."

Sucharita Mulpuru-Kodali, Forrester Research Vice President and Principal Analyst

"Boomerang Commerce provides Groupon Goods unprecedented insight into our competitive pricing position. This visibility gives us the opportunity to optimize our prices to achieve two major objectives: driving customer loyalty and meeting corporate sales and profitability targets."

Nikhil Sagar, VP Inventory, Pricing, Analytics and Marketplace, Groupon Goods

Jet v. Amazon: Here is the price war winner so far

Buoyed by strong investor backing, Jet.com officially launched Tuesday with a laser-like pitch of maximizing savings for shoppers. But is it really cheaper than rival and dominant player Amazon.com?

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