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Boomerang brings revenue, margin and price perception lift to Enterprise retailers. Our customers execute sophisticated pricing strategies based on competitive and internal data through our SaaS based solution.

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Get up and running in 3 weeks with our SaaS solution

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Leverage advanced algorithms and machine learning

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Execute pricing rules and strategies

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Continously test and optimize results

"Historically, retail pricing was a rudimentary cost-plus model. The fact Boomerang is looking at price elasticity of demand, these are new concepts in retail.”

- Sucharita Mulpuru-Kodali, Forrester Research Vice President and Principal Analyst

What makes Boomerang different?

“Best-in-class retailers have been growing exponentially faster than the market. We provide a SaaS-based software solution that allows our customers to compete and win using pricing as a weapon. ”

- Guru Hariharan

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"Most retailers aren’t prepared for this new world."


"Amazon has the ability to change prices every 15 minutes. The average retailer only changes price every one to three months."


"Boomerang Commerce Helps Retailers Get Their Prices Right"


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Boomerang AB Testing Press Release

Sunnyvale, CA; April 15th 2015 - Boomerang Commerce, the leading provider of dynamic price optimization technology, today announced the launch of its A/B Testing Platform for retail pricing. The platform enables retailers to rapidly test various pricing strategies and optimize prices for revenues, profits and the Price Perception Index (PPI TM).